Tatranska Lomnica

There are some places which happen to you just out of sheer luck, and “Tatranska Lomnica” is one of them. I was planning my Europe trip across various cities and the mountain lover in me was desperately trying to take over and add one hillstation to the list. So, after finalizing on 2 cities, I really wanted to add a calm, less popular, non touristy place as my 3rd destination. I scrolled through the map and noticed the Tatra mountains lying at a good stretch between Slovakia and Poland. A little more research and I knew this is where I wanted to go. 

I spent 3 days at this picturesque destination and it was a surreal combination of adventure and  luxury. In the mornings, I was completely intrigued by the beauty of the Tatra mountains and took cable cars to climb one of the highest points of Slovakia. But I happily spent my evenings sitting at the window panel of my homestay, gazing outside as the earth covered itself with a blanket of fresh snow and I quietly savored over a cup of hot chocolate. 

So, here I jot down my takeaway from this heavenly abode and I hope it triggers the bug in you and makes you visit this wonderful place.

Where to Stay

We stayed at Pension Jesensky for the entire duration of the stay and no amount of words can do justice to the experience we had. Not only the hotel was a visual treat in the entire neighborhood, but the rooms were very comfortable and spacious. I  managed to spend quite some time sitting on the window endlessly staring outside at the beauty, Tatranska had to offer. The hotel was centrally located at a walkable distance from the major restaurants and also from the base station for skiing. I could not go without mentioning the most generous hosts we had at the hotel, who took special care of us for the entire duration of our stay. They were also kind enough to pack us breakfasts for our journey back, since we had to catch an early morning train. So, here I am, sitting and praising this amazing hotel, which I plan to go back to again some day. 

Even though Tatranska is famous as a ski resort, I did not try skiing there and reserved it for a later date. But I did manage to take a to and fro journey to the mountain via a cable car. There is an official website for availing the passes. Here it goes: 


Gopass also offers a variety of activities depending on season, and it is advisable to check it out and book it in advance as they tend to sold out soon.

The whole of the town is so beautifully laid that every nook and corner of it feels straight out of a movie set. I happened to watch a movie on Netflix called “A christmas Prince”. The movie talks about a fictional place called Aldovia. My whole trip to Tatranska Lomnica, right from the moment my train started approaching Poprad, has been completely surreal. With a mountain backdrop, cute little cottages at every corner of the street, beautiful parks laid with snow ladden pine trees, small streams running through the city and occasional snowfalls, this trip has been nothing short of an Aldovian dream.

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